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London + Area Construction Project Managers

a local family business for over 35 years

Since 1987, Baribeau Construction has been building a name of integrity and expertise as construction project managers. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge necessary to bring your vision to life. Located near London, Ontario serving London, Kitchener, Woodstock, Sarnia, and the surrounding areas, we provide personalized service to ensure you receive outstanding value for your project investment. We are ready to serve as your London and area Project Manager, Construction Manager, or General Contractor.

Learn more about who we are and see if we're the right builders for your project.

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Check Out Our Past Projects

What Our Clients Say

"Working with BCLL has been a true joy. 

They have our best interests at heart, understand our vision, don't judge our beliefs, and are willing to work with us.


We started off as a team that didn't know what we were getting into, but we had a dream to provide a better future for our school. BCLL has helped us bring this to life with our ongoing project.


The site manager and project manager are incredible guys to work with and they have explained the process in great detail at each meeting, making it easy to understand for someone with no experience. Without a doubt and with great joy, BCLL is a business we would highly recommend to everyone."


Contact Us

Still not sure if Baribeau Construction is the right fit for you? Get in touch with our office and one of our staff will gladly answer further questions and offer a free consultation on your next project.  /  Tel. 519 268-8343

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Founder Jack Baribeau editing site drawings by hand in BCLL swag by London Area Project Managers and builders Baribeau Construction

London Area Builder Services

As builders in Southwestern Ontario, we offer a range of ways to structure your contract with us so we can suit your needs. Baribeau Construction offers three management services: project management, construction management, and design-build.

Past Projects

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Baribeau Construction has specialized in the unique and efficient design and construction of church institutions since its' beginning in 1987.

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With innovative and intelligent design solutions, Baribeau Construction is the go-to for custom industrial projects in London, St. Thomas, and the surrounding areas.



Baribeau Construction has footprints all over the local community and has proven themselves to be proficient in smart design and quality workmanship.

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Project Management

Under project management, Baribeau Construction oversees the entire project, from back of napkin designs to permitting to construction to final inspections.

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Construction Management

Under construction management, BCLL manages the construction portion of the project, while the client works with both the architect and engineers to design and plan the project.

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Design-build encourages innovation and collaboration. Much like project management, BCLL will oversee the entire project and all subcontractors and consultants. 

Unsure which service structure is right for you?

Each of the three management options have their advantages; if you are unsure which will suit your project best, read through the pros and cons of each on our services page and contact us for a free initial consultation. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and work through some of the preliminary details of your project.

INTELLIGENCE | EXPERIENCE | INTEGRITY | INTELLIGENCE | EXPERIENCe | Integrity | Intelligence | Experience | integrity

london and area general contractor
london and area general contractor
london and area construction manager
london and area general contractor
london and area construction manager
london and area construction manager
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