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Baribeau Construction specializes in project management, construction management, and design-build. With years of professional experience, Baribeau Construction will walk you through the process of planning and building your project with exceptional customer service and creative solutions to any hiccups that come up along the way.

Each of the three management options have their advantages; if you are unsure which will suit your project best, contact us for a free initial consultation. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and work through some of the preliminary details of your project.

Project Management

Under project management, Baribeau Construction oversees the entire project, from back of napkin designs to permitting to construction to final inspections.


Baribeau Construction (BCLL) becomes the single point of contact and responsibility for the client and represents them in all necessary communications with governing bodies, officials, trades, contractors, and suppliers. We ensure even the smallest of project details are maintained and executed with time efficiency and within given budget constraints throughout the project -- in order to bring about our client's vision for the final outcome and protect their best interests.

Client satisfaction is the goal. BCLL will work with the client from the first point of contact and keep in communication throughout the entire building process to ensure their satisfaction as the project progresses.


  • You can be as hands on or off as you would like

  • Gets you into your building faster because we can start the ball rolling while working through designs 

  • BCLL will work with the architects, engineers, and consultants and will represent you with these contractor

  • Excellent service and final building while staying within your budget

  • BCLL will control and manage costs, quality, time, permitting, inspections, and health & safety provisions so you don't have to

Construction Management

Under construction management, BCLL manages the construction portion of the project, while the client works with both the architect and engineers to design and plan the project. Some clients prefer to split up the process this way to be more involved in the management of the project.

BCLL works with the architects and engineers to ensure accurate execution of the client's project. We oversee the day-to-day construction and coordinate subcontractors such as electricians, plumbing, or general construction.


  • BCLL will manage and execute the construction from beginning to end

  • BCLL will handle the subcontracting of all trades such as drywall, mechanical, electrical, etc. needed to complete construction

  • You have complete control of the management of the project from start to finish

  • Monthly construction progress reports from BCLL

  • Constant communication between you and BCLL

  • BCLL will be available for consultation on all designs


Design-build encourages innovation and collaboration. Much like project management, BCLL will oversee the entire project and all subcontractors and consultants. 

Project management and design-build are very similar, but the major difference is how we approach the costs. The project management approach gives the client an estimate of the costs upfront and updates them as the work goes on and costs become known. Design-build gives the client a fixed total upfront. This cost does not change for the client no matter the real costs as the work is completed.


  • BCLL will manage and execute the project from beginning to end, handling all necessary subcontracting

  • Reduced risk for the client as costs are known upfront

  • Constant communication between you and BCLL

  • BCLL will control quality, time, permitting, inspections, and health & safety provisions so you don't have to

  • Progress and expense reports from BCLL throughout the project

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Have questions?


If you'd like more information about our services, contact us and we'd be happy to answer your questions and share what we do in more detail.

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