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A family business for over 30 years

Our History

Jack Baribeau became first self-employed in construction in Saskatchewan when he was 18 years old. He relocated to Ontario in 1983, continuing his self-employment adventure. Baribeau Construction (London) Limited was formally incorporated in 1987, but like Rome, BCLL didn't start out looking as it does today. 

Baribeau Construction specializes in non-residential projects, specifically enjoying the projects that require a creative brain to come up with innovative solutions to unique needs and project hurdles. The Baribeau's “learning by doing” approach has brought BCLL knowledge and expertise in foundation work, commercial framing, multi-unit housing framing, roofing, interior office renovations, retail outlets in shopping malls, and much more. 


Over the years, BCLL expanded its portfolio and horizons by providing project management services for large recreational facilities, industrial building renovations, additions and new builds. BCLL has also developed a niche of working with volunteer building committees in the design and construction of many church projects, catering to the specific needs of each church, often including the flexible phase-design which allows churches to be built in phases as funds become available. 

Baribeau Construction's greatest asset is their honest commitment to the client. Over the past 34 years, BCLL has built a reputation of openness and integrity in their business dealings and are looking forward to continuing the legacy for many more years of the same, dependable service.

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A personal Approach

We have been satisfying London, St. Thomas and surrounding area clients' construction needs for more than 30 years, not just by constructing buildings, but by investing in relationships.


Our strength is our personal involvement in assessing client needs for concept design, offering cost-saving solutions and creative design options, and providing flexibility as needed throughout the execution of the project.

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Satisfaction assured

"A job well planned is a job half done". The keys to project success are early and thorough planning, continuous monitoring, regular communications, and flexibility for creative modifications to allow for maximized value for dollars invested. 

And ultimately, we make sure you're satisfied with your project before we sign off.
As a family business, our name is on the line. From our administration to our site supervisors, our staff provides their best effort to our clients and have characteristics that make them responsible, reliable, and pleasant to deal with.

Meet the Team

Baribeau Construction team headshots-9.jpg
Jack Baribeau

Founder + CEO

Baribeau Construction team headshots-3.jpg
Reid bayliff

Project Manager

Baribeau Construction team headshots-11.jpg
Emily Moonen

Accountant Assistant

Baribeau Construction team headshots-7.jpg
Garry Klingenberg

Field Operations Manager

Baribeau Construction team headshots-33.jpg
Elias Baribeau

VP, Operations &

Sr. Project Manager

Baribeau Construction team headshots-5.jpg

Project Coordinator

Baribeau Construction team headshots-13.jpg
Tracey Baker

Accounting Assistant

Baribeau Construction brand photos-42.jpg
ryan back

Site Supervisor

Baribeau Construction team headshots-19.jpg
Jacob baribeau

VP, Business Development & Sales

Baribeau Construction team headshots-1.jpg
Nick Moonen

Project Coordinator

Baribeau Construction team headshots-15.jpg
Janelle Cherng

Accountant Manager

John Harder _ Headshot _ web-2.jpg
John Harder

Site Supervisor

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