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Dorchester Community church

3912 Catherine St, Dorchester, ON
Dorchester Community Church
Dorchester Community Church
Dorchester Community Church
Dorchester Community Church
Dorchester Christian Family Centre
new build - Sprung fabric building

This was the first Sprung structure BCLL ever built. The majority of the building was put up by volunteers and was built in under a month. Hear it from the pastor of this church himself what they think of their Sprung building:

"We chose the Sprung for a number of reasons. The maintenance costs on a Sprung are minimal, maybe even non existent compared to other building types. We installed a skylight which means that 80% of our building usually doesn’t have any lights on during the week. Over 25 years it adds up.

The Rvalue in Sprung is quite high and because of the shape of it, it’s approximately 1/3 less to heat and cool than brick and mortar or steel. It’s energy efficient. The acoustics are exceptional, which is beneficial to a sanctuary. Without a doubt one of the biggest reasons we purchased a Sprung was the cost. We didn’t want to sink our congregation into deep debt and it meant more funds available elsewhere in ministry. The building draws new people in, especially ones who don’t attend church or who have turned from traditional church and haven’t attended church for many years. We like that it’s 21st century, out of the box and are comfortable with it.

We’ve had 7 years in our building now and we’re as happy with it as the day we put it up. We have plans to put two more Sprungs up, a gymnasium and sanctuary in the future. If I had unlimited resources, I would still use Sprung because of it’s quality, performance and cost. We have found that the product, service and the company to be of the highest quality and would not hesitate to recommend them to you."

- Rev. Jeff Strokan

Learn more about Sprung structures here:
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